What am I doing?

I’m not sure how to use wordpress very well. Especially uploading/inserting pictures. But I’m gonna try. I miss blogging and I want to participate in #shereadstruth and having a blog will keep me more accountable. Now to figure out how to out a #shereadstruth button on my sidebar! hah! First things first…need to read for today. Feel free to check out the site and join along. Everyone can use more truth in their lives! Plus, I might be on the lookout for a travel buddy for the influence conference!




A few weekends ago I was lounging with/on Brent and reading blogs, when he asked me “How is your blog doing?” I laughed and replied “Haha, how do you think? I don’t post anymore!” He asked me why I don’t post and encouraged me to get back at it.

I thought about it and have come up with some reasons I don’t post:

– My pictures aren’t awesome like some of my favorite bloggers

– I don’t get 50+ comments

– No $$ making for my lowly blog

– Time

– Trying to mimic other bloggers was exhausting

– I’m boring

– Jealousy over popular bloggers’ perks and blog generated swag. If I don’t have a blog I don’t feel bad about not getting the perks.

– WordPress confuses me

COMPARISON made me feel like CRAP

But his encouraging words and memories of my first blog (way back from 2004 – 2009, before blogs were even that common!) have pushed me to give it a go….again….

No promises or guarantees on frequency or that I’ll be funny or even mildly entertaining.

But you’ll be getting ME!




New Years Eve 2011

This year we celebrated New Years Eve with friends at a masquerade ball! It was a fun time but slightly dampened due to colds Brent and I are both battling 😦

Our hotel room was modern and big and the food was pretty good. No lobster tail (like on the cruise) but I coped and the desserts were really good!

We danced and laughed for most of the evening. The band was decent, but the lead singer’s lame jokes overshadowed the talent of other musicians and singers.

Here are some pictures of our evening. I got my dress at Salvation Army for $15 and bought Brent’s shirt and tie on Black Friday for crazy cheap.


Who is that mysteriously masked couple??Katie+Brent all done up and looking good!Cheers!I love him!