Too Cold!

You’ll rarely find me complaining about the weather. I live in Michigan. It will be -19 at times and other times 98. Sure I’m happiest when it is somewhere in the middle, but who isn’t?

I wanted to run 6 miles yesterday, to get my legs used to a little longer distance before I start training for the 5/3 Riverbank Run 25k. I waited until it warmed up to a toasty 5 degrees (started out at -19, so it was a 24 degree warm up) and it was sunny with no wind. I made it 2.35 miles before calling it quits. No matter how fast or slow I ran, my legs ached. Right behind the knees felt the worst and I’ve run through pain before only to wind up with a torn cartilage in my knee weeks before a half-marathon.

Instead I rested proud in the fact that I voluntarily was outside (and enjoying the cold) on a day most people were complaining about.

Out for a run last winter!

What is the coldest you’ve ever ran in?

Last year I did 6 miles in a -6 windchill!!


2 responses to “Too Cold!

  1. Katie! Welcome to WordPress 🙂

    You’re my hero for running when it’s so cold. I can talk myself into sometimes, but usually just end up at the gym for some bonding time with the elliptical.

  2. Rachel! Yeah, I’m a gym bunny too right now but know that with 25k training start next week, I’ll be spending more time on the roads and wanted to get back out there again.

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