Bat bites the dust

FYI – We have an attached garage and the doorway to our basement is in it.

A couple of months ago, I was in the basement doing laundry, when I saw a flying object. I screamed and fled upstairs and begged Brent to go investigate. He grabbed our ancient tennis racket and went down. Minutes passed before he came up empty-handed and claiming I was crazy because nothing was down there. Later that evening, the racket we heard in our cold air exchange, let us both know that a bat was flying around somewhere!

Sunday I went down and put some laundry in the washer. Ever since the last bat sighting I rush to the washer and dryer, keep my head down and eyes averted, I don’t want to see any bats!

I was cooking when the wash got done, so I asked Brent to get the laundry so I could hang it up. Seconds later, he was pounded up the steps, slammed the basement door and burst into the kitchen demanding the tennis racket. I thrust it into his hands, as he breathlessly explained there was a huge bat down there. Moment later I heard a cry of victory, the bat was dead!

That is the second bat Brent has killed in our house (the first was about 4 years ago) and I’m VERY thankful to have him as my tennis wielding knight in shining armor!


Sunday I got in a 7.07 mile run in 1:12:10. It was good mentally and physically but at a sort of disappointing pace. The roads were fairly clear (no yak trax), but I ran into some slush that I had to walk through. I also had to scramble up  snowbanks a couple of times to stay out-of-the-way of speeding semi-trucks.

Today I tried 4×800 in 4:16 on a treadmill during lunch hour. I got in 1×800 in 4:11 and about another 3/4 mile total, before calling it quits. The pain and tightness in my ankles, shins and calves was pretty bad and I could feel the pull up my legs. I think the fact I was stuck on the worst treadmill (and I was the only one running!) and the belt was so shaky/skipping I could barely let go of the sides, was a big part of the problem.

Tomorrow I’m busting out my last pair of beloved New Balance 767s. These have literally been the only shoe I’ve run in and they have been discontinued for a while but I always buy 2 pairs at a time from an online source. Now they are out and are also out of the 2 more recent models as well (768 and 769). I might find another athletic endeavor instead of trying to find another pair of running shoes I love like the 767s!


2 responses to “Bat bites the dust

  1. you’re a braver woman than me! i wouldn’t have went back down after seeing it the first time!!

  2. EW. If I saw a bat in my house I would freak OUT majorly. I can’t even handle a mouse, Ew ew ew.

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