Good Bye Spring!

Earlier this week, it was in the 40s!!! In Michigan 40 degrees in February is like spring break! I even did a 5 mile hill run in crop pants!!! Seriously, windows were open,  winter coats (and hats, gloves, scarves and boots) were traded for a heavy sweatshirt or sweater. This lasted for approximately 1.75 days.

Yesterday it was windy as ever! I laid on the couch for an hour or so, thinking of putting off my 8 mile run until today, when it was less windy. But the promise of snow/slush free roads was enough to get me out there despite the 20+ mph winds.

I completed the 8.55 run in 1:24:14 (9:51 pace!!!!!!!) despite the wind and a bloody nose mid-run.

Tonight the snow has returned with a nice heavy, wet blanket of 6+ inches so far. Looks like I’m putting the yak trax back on…at least for now!


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