Greetings Galore!

My birthday celebrations were amazing! Gifts is one of my lowest Love Languages, but the ones I got this year were fantastic! Here is a run down of my birthday celebrations!

Saturday night my in-laws (Mom, Dad and Bro-in-law) took me out for Chinese! In case anyone thought I was getting old, I proved them wrong by competing with Brent in a spoon on your nose contest. He won 😦

We were going to go to a movie as well, but we were too tired. Instead we rented “The Other Guys” and all fell asleep! I also opened my gifts! I got some new fine mesh strainers, baking sheets, Anchorman DVD and cash. Woo Hoo!! And my Dad-in-law made me a funfetti cake…YUM!!! Yes, I can’t wear real clothes for more than like 3 hours at a time! And my hair…was it even windy? I hope so…

Sunday Brent spoiled me by taking me to Boone’s for steak! I love steak! We also did some shopping and I used that birthday money for new running shorts, running skirt, tank and capris from Target. I love their workout stuff, cheap, cute and functional. Brent picked up my gifts while in TC too. I got a new bowl and beater for my Kitchen Aid and the cats got me slippers. Thanks girls! Instead of more cake, we stopped at Tasty Treat and I got a Jersey Mudslide, a hot fudge, marshmallow, malt powder sundae. Later our friends came over for Amazing Race viewing and Settlers of Catan playing.

I was greeted at work Monday with a blueberry peach pie, card and book on decorating from thrift stores. Monday night was family birthday dinner! I requested tacos and mom did an awesome job making them. But the best part was the homemade cream puffs she made. Just look at my face, I obviously was not excited at all! My parents got me money and my sister, Emily, got me a beautiful necklace. Sadly, the pictures of me doing my best America’s Next Top Model moves with it are on her camera 😦

The gifts were great, but I really LOVED all the greetings and cards I got! Even a “Happy Birthday” left on my facebook wall brought a smile to my face! Look at all these cards, all with a hand written note in them. They touched my heart and will be kept so I can reread them when I need a lift. Note all the pink, 2 with cats and 2 with crowns…I am a Princess!


One response to “Greetings Galore!

  1. Hey fellow Michigander! Happy birthday! Definite meet-up sometime 🙂 Are you training for 5/3 RBR too?

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