To Save a Life

Today I saved up to THREE lives!! Am I a paramedic or a doctor? Heck no! Blood makes me sick! Then how was I able to save those lives? I donated blood through the American Red Cross!

How do I give blood if I hate the sight of blood? Easy, I don’t look! I close my eyes when they prick my finger to test my iron and I close my eyes when I donate. It is easy and takes about an hour! The best part is wearing the “Be nice to me I gave blood today” sticker and eating a cookie when done.

Today was my fastest time yet, 5 minutes and 30 seconds to fill the bag! I laid back, squeezed the ball and sang along (in my head) to the radio.  Before I knew it, I was done and eating a peanut cluster and drinking grape juice.

My first time giving was in August and I’ve given 3 times since!

Do you give blood? Why not?


3 responses to “To Save a Life

  1. both times i’ve given haven’t ended well but i think people like you who suck it up and do it any way are awesome!!

  2. Ugh, I don’t give blood unless I absolutely have to for lab tests or something. I have HORRIBLE skinny veins so it’s always a painful ordeal for me…

  3. This was actually my best experience! My second time I had HORRIBLE bruising and pain and my third time was just weird.
    I know a lot of people can’t give, but my sisters and brother-in-law all give as much as we are able!

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