Shin Choices

Today I saw an orthopeadic doctor for my persistant shin pain. Diagnosis was shin splints with possible stress fracture. I don’t think it is shin splints for   of reasons: 1- the pain is not in the sides of my shin, but up and down, in the middle, 2 – it hurts with pressure 3 – feels like it won’t support me and 4 – stress fractures usually don’t show on an x-ray.

Treatment? Not running if it hurts. So it hurts ALL THE TIME. I asked if I could run the Riverbank Run 25k and he replied “Its not like you were gonna win it, were you? So yeah, its possible to do.” I go back in 2 weeks for a follow-up and in the mean time have a lab order for blood work to check my calcium and vitamin D levels.

So now  I have to decide: do I run the race or not?


  •  I have a free entry
  • My first big race without Hannah
  • The race hotel is the J.W. Marriot 
  • 7 weeks to get some good runs in


  • Still have to pay for hotel, gas and food
  • Feel under trained, missed/cut short a lot of runs
  • Why run it, if I can’t run it well?
  • Won’t be a race to run for fun without any friends/Hannah to run it with
  • Only supposed to run to the point of pain, yesterday it was only 3 miles before the dull ache turned into stabbing/pulsating knives

What advice do you have regarding if I should run it or not?


3 responses to “Shin Choices

  1. I would wait a bit longer to decide. It’s still a ways out.

  2. When faced with a situation like this, I always trick myself. I tell myself that I don’t have to run the race and allow a week or two of rest and relief. It mentally recharges me and gives my body time to heal. If you feel better in 2 weeks, run it. If not, you already tricked yourself into thinking you weren’t rurnning it anyway. 😉

  3. and how does he know you weren’t going to win it??

    that’s a tough call. the one and only race i backed out of was my first tri…i didn’t want “surviving” to be my goal. probably would have been different had it not been a new experience.

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