Snotty, sweaty, happy mess

After the worst doctor’s appointment I’ve had, I took a week off from running and fell in love with ExerciseTV.

Sunday I did an easy walk/run of 2 miles with no shin pain. Monday I amped it up to an easy 3 mile run with no pain. And today I pulled out the big guns. I figured if I have a follow-up appointment on Monday, I might as well give the shin a big ole test so I can give the best report to Dr. Rudeness as possible.

This morning I didn’t want to run but with the loving encouragement of Brent and the thought of cheddar bay biscuits for dinner, I got dressed and headed out. I had 1 goal, to move forward for 2 hours. I was hoping to get in 12ish miles if all went well, but either way, I wanted to see what I had for 2 hours of movement.

A HUGE plus was the weather, 32 degrees, light clouds, no wind. PERFECT!!!!! My favorite running outfit is my Nike Tights and New Balance pullover, so I was pumped.

I ran slow but strong, taking my first walk break and 1/2 a vanilla GU at 47 mins and the second at 1 hr 18 mins. (side note: vanilla GU is AWESOME tasting!) I stopped to stretch just twice and made it home in 1:58:40. I eagerly went to to check  my distance and was BUMMED to see I ran 11.6 miles, not the 12 I was hoping for. So I sat for a second and then headed out the door for a quick couple blocks to bring my total distance up to 12.36 miles in 2:05:25!!!

No shin pain! No bloody nose (just a lot of snot rockets)! Sure my feet are tired and my calves were on the verge of cramping for the last couple miles, but I did it. I ran 12.36 (pain free) miles!

And now I’m getting ready to stretch + shower + ice and am enjoying a delicious smoothie made with skim milk + vanilla carnation instant breakfast + instant coffee + 1 banana + 1 huge handful of spinach + sprinkle of ground flax + 1/4 cup instant oatmeal! YUM!


One response to “Snotty, sweaty, happy mess

  1. You are a little on the nutty side! I can NOT imagine that smoothie… is it as smooth going down as it would be coming back up??? LOL
    I give you credit girl! You are my hero for the day!!!

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