Fill in the blank Sunday

It is Fill-in the Blank Friday Sunday. Again, 2 days late, but whose counting? Care to play? Head over to Lauren’s and join the fun!

1.   The best prank I ever pulled was barely a prank, but I remember telling Papa that my sister’s head was stuck in the clothes hamper and he went to help free her and it was all a joke. Funny when you are 10! 

041_412.  The best prank ever pulled on me was  Not really a prank, but Brent said that getting engaged was in the 2 year plan the day before he proposed, so I though he was joking with me! After he got done asking me, I replied with “Are you joking?!?!” I thought he was pranking me!
3.  A day without  love is a day wasted.
4.  The most important things in life are faith in Jesus, family + friends that love you and you love back.
5.  I dream of   a sub 2 hour half-marathon, Hannah moving back to Michigan, an organized house, finding my crafty side and going on a cruise!
6.  I dread   the sound of the alarm, my doctor’s appointment tomorrow and a day without Brent.
7.  A discovery I made this week was   vanilla GU not only gives me a needed kick on a long run, but taste awesome and has caffeine. Is it bad that I want to eat it for a snack?

2 responses to “Fill in the blank Sunday

  1. I love number 4 🙂

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