Out again!

Currently Brent is sleeping off a sugar coma, while we are on a mini-getaway to celebrate our THREE year wedding anniversary!

Here is last week’s highlights:

  • Driving in a different state (first time!)
  • Taking my parent’s out for my dad’s birthday
  • Ole! It was Dad's birthday on Monday! Emily + Me, Mom + Dad!

  • Eating frosting off 3 pieces of birthday cake
  • First outdoor run in 2011 wearing shorts/skirt and short sleeve shirt
  • Teaching my first Girls on Track lesson on popularity and cliques
  • Saying “No thanks” to office treats of oreos, strawberry cream bread, strawberry rhubarb pie, donuts from a good bakery and birthday cake.
  • Feeling so empowered when I say “no”, instead of feeling deprived.
  • Parents taking us out for fish for our anniversary
  • Getting up at 4:50 am to run (no really, a highlight because I’ve been very bad with the snooze button lately)
  • Watching a hot pink sunrise for a couple miles
  • Seeing Brent at mile 9 of my run! I went crazy waving!
  • Running 12.6 miles with a slow but strong pace, no pain, no mental battles, nothing bad!

That brings us to the getaway, which I’ll recap later! Also stay tuned for a wedding recap (picture heavy) and a honeymoon recap later this week!


One response to “Out again!

  1. before 5AM?? you realize that’s insane right? says the jealous girl who wishes she could make herself get out of bed for anything but work.

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