No Means No!

Lately, as I’ve cut dramatically back on my sweets intake, the acceptance (or lack there of) of it has been surprising.  At work yesterday there were donuts and cake. It was also our Annual Meeting and catered dinner. I did the menu planning and knew the dessert was a favorite, so when first asked if I’d like a donut, I said “no” (Person #1), but they asked again a few minutes later, “just to be sure”. Third and fourth times were by a Person #2 and still “no”. When asked by Person #2 if I’d eat some bread they might bring in I said “no” and then was told I was hurting her feelings. I apologized and said “Sorry about that, but nobody else is looking out for my health but me.”

At noon, Person #1 asks me if I’m having cake. Again, I reply “no”, but this time there is an edge to my voice. Again, they ask if I’m sure that I don’t want cake. I sigh as I explain that I do want the cake, but I’d rather have dessert at the dinner.

I think people all agree that “No means no!” is widely accepted when it comes to sex or drugs. But what about food? Why don’t people take my no seriously? Is it because they’ll feel better about their multiple sweets if I eat some too? Are they jealous of my slowly strengthening willpower?

I don’t get it, but in a twisted way am thankful. The more they persist, the less likely I am to indulge and give them the satisfaction of shaking my resolve!


6 responses to “No Means No!

  1. if only people realized how self centered they were being in assume that your lack of eating a piece of bread had anything to do with them.

  2. Check out the book…God’s Diet by Dorothy Gault-McNemee,M.D. where you ask yourself did God make it? Theme throughout is “if you can’t pick it from a tree or vine, pull it from the ground or kill it, then you probably shouldn’t eat it.” It shows where our greastest enemy is flour and sugar…things we love! Beware sugar comes in many forms ie: fructose,…..
    That being said enjoy this wonderful time of the year.

  3. correction…should read greatest…

  4. I know…sugar is a killer and seriously addicting. The less I eat “sweets” (baked goods, etc), the more I notice how sweet other things are (jarred pasta sauce, marinades, etc). It has really conditioned us into craving sugar and not even being aware of how much we are consuming!

  5. You tell ’em girl!!! “Nooooooooooo!!” Ha :D.

  6. I completely agree…..people don’t want to feel alone eating sweets so they try to pressure other people. But, working in an elementary school, with mostly other women, who are also mostly watching what they eat……I get a lot of “wow, you have so much willpower”. Which just makes me feel even better about my decisions.

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