Check one off!

Confession: I don’t have a bucket list, because I don’t like doing things that scare me. I’m a pretty fearful person. I often let the fear of failure, the unknown, of being scared keep me from doing things.

But this time it is different. On Labor Day, I’ll be facing my fear of heights head on, when I’ll be running 5 miles. Not just any 5 miler (heck, it’s not even timed!), but I’ll be running with 399 other strangers all selected in a lottery. And we’ll be running on this:


The Mackinac Bridge!!!!!!

I’ve ridden over this numerous times, often slightly afraid of being in the car on this bridge. There is annual Bridge Walk (the bridge is not regularly open to pedestrians) on Labor Day and I couldn’t imagine doing that. But for some reason, when I saw that running the 5/3 River Bank Run qualified  me to enter the lottery to run it, I jumped at the chance, sure my odds of winning would be low.

But I was chosen! I’ll be running it with the Governor to kick-off the Bridge Walk.


2 responses to “Check one off!

  1. sometimes when you face your fears it makes you feel all the more kick ass for having done it. othertimes you end up in a puddled mess on the ground. 😛

    you’ll do great!!!

  2. I’m a fearful person too but I almost always feel better after conquering the fear!

    Do you watch the show “The Middle”? Such a good show! There’s an episode where the littlest kid is afraid of bridges so the parents try everything to get him to stay in the car when they drive over a bridge. It’s pretty funny.

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