A spoonful of sugar

I’ve written about my sugar habits in the past and how I was working on conquering them. I was doing great until last weekend.

Friday = ice cream with friends (Brent and I split a Take 5 sundae)

Saturday = cookies (why did I even bake??) and 2 small corners (extra frosting!!!) and ice cream to celebrate a birthday

Sunday = small Cinnamon Bun ice cream cone for Father’s Day

Monday = Little Debbie Treat for no reason except that I re-activated my sweet teeth over the weekend

Tuesday = 1 dark chocolate square cuz I still “needed” something sweet at 10 pm since I hadn’t had anything all day.

BUT I’m proud to report that Wednesday and Thursday have been sweets free! Yay!!!

And I lost 3lbs over the past 2 weeks – good motivation to stay on track with cutting out sweets.

Some people can handle a sweet per day, but I can’t. I eat one and its all downhill. It is literally all I can think of and I can almost taste and feel sweets in my mouth.

I’m not so upset about Saturday and Sunday’s sweets, as I still fully expect to enjoy life and celebrations but Monday and Tuesday’s were out of craving sugar instead of celebration. 😦


4 responses to “A spoonful of sugar

  1. Congrats on getting back on track. I’m the same way with sugar, and I’m trying to hard to avoid the mindless, process sugary foods. However, birthday cake and ice cream with friends is always an excuse to splurge in my book!

  2. Salty foods are my downfall!

  3. Rachel – the “mindless” is where I really need to focus on!
    Carin – I like salty too, but sweet is what really gets me going!

  4. way to nip it in the bud! i’m the same with soda…oh wait i haven’t actually stopped long enough to say i’m that way. never mind 😉

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