The Half-Marathon that wasn’t

I’ve wanted to do a fall half marathon for a couple months now. I’ve weighed my options and this is what I came up with:

Grand Rapids Half-Marathon: Nope, I run the Riverbank Run 25k in the spring and it covers a similar course, too boring to run the similar course twice a year.

Detroit Free Press Half-Marathon: Nope, too far to travel and too big to handle.

Capital City River Run: A great half-marathon but the date is too soon (Sept 18)  for me to SLOWLY build my mileage and not anger my shin.

Capital City River Run finishers!

Betsie Vally Half-Marathon: Very small, rough mentally due to lack of other runners and crowd support, morning after  a wedding.

So when a girl in my TRX class, who is a local news anchor, said that the station was partnering with the Traverse City Visitor’s Bureau for a half-marathon at the end of the October it sounded perfect.

I hopped on-line, scooped out the website and decided that the Grand Traverse half-marathon would be the perfect fall half-marathon. Close enough to home (no hotel!) and in a beautiful location.

A few days later,  I was looking to register for this race and the website was gone. I googled and searched and nothing.**  I was thinking I was going crazy, when I finally found the link on for the race. Scrolling down I read warnings to not register as the race director was a fraud. I quickly googled his name and the results confirmed the warnings: multiple lawsuits are pending against this man, who partners with visitor’s bureaus to hold these races and then takes the registration fees and doesn’t hold the races! I was almost had!

So currently there is no half-marathon in the books for me, but I’m still working on upping my mileage VERY slowly. Saturday was 6.5 miles in 1:01, which is pretty quick for me.

**So the half-marathon website is back up!!! Is the race on? What the heck??


2 responses to “The Half-Marathon that wasn’t

  1. Really strange about the website. That would make me feel like I was going insane, too!

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