Beautiful Night

The minute I got out the door tonight, I knew it was the perfect weather run.

Sunny, but not blistering. Breezy but not windy. Warm but not hot. Shady but not cool. The kind of night that I’ll long for come the dead of winter, when it is dark by 6 pm, the wind roars at 20 mph, snow is blowing and it is 7 degrees out. When I’ll lovingly recall wearing my running skirt and hot pink tank top instead of 2 pairs of pants, wool socks, 3 tops, scarf, gloves and hat. When I my eyes sting from the snow and wind and my breath creates an icy layer on my scarf.

So instead of the 3 miles I had planned I did 4.35 miles. Just to take in the perfect night a little longer.

I averaged a 9:29 pace, which I’m more than pleased about, given that music keeps my pace up and I didn’t listen to music. Just the sounds of water, my foot steps,  snippets of conversation and my thoughts to keep me company.


One response to “Beautiful Night

  1. sounds incredible! 🙂 4 miles just for fun. tee hee

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