Bats Again

I’ve written before about my fear and hate of bats. I am utterly and completely helpless when I see one and am reduced to a screaming, shaking mess.

Tuesday night I was packing lunches when Brent came out of the shower. I heard him yell “Don’t come in the dining room” but I thought he was being funny, so I went in there. THERE WAS A BAT!!!! I coward in a corner in the kitchen and screamed whenever it came swooping by. Eventually (probably like 1 minute tops), Brent made contact with the tennis racket and it was dead!

Wednesday night Brent got home before me, so imagine my panic when he called to say a bat had AGAIN been sighted, but flew into the bathroom and couldn’t be found. I was crying and threatening to spend the night elsewhere unless the bat was killed.

Thanks to Baby and Red, the bat was flushed out of the bathroom and killed. But that was enough!

As I write this, Josh and Robin from Environmental Pest Control are on my roof, inserting 1 way tubes to get the bats out. They’ll return later to seal all the cracks and holes. Does it cost an arm and a leg? Yes! Is peace of mind a bat a free house worth an arm and a leg? YES!!!!

This afternoon Baby and Red get to go to the vet for a rabies vaccination, since they helped bring the bat down. Shhh….they don’t know yet!


One response to “Bats Again

  1. Yikes! Sorry for those flying mice in your house! My in-laws use to have them bad and my father-in-law killed one once with a meat fork!!!

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