Running Errands

Lately, I’ve taken to literally running errands. I’m fortunate to live in a SMALL town and running errands is a fun way to sneak in some running.

Running and hitting the ATM with Hannah

A couple of weeks ago I had that I wanted to complete and the heat was BRUTAL! After 3 miles I was SPENT and had gone through 10 oz of fluid. I felt terrible. I cut the run short. While stretching and berating myself for being weak, I was thinking of the errands I had to get done. I needed to hit the ATM, get the mail and an iced coffee sounded great. Then it dawned on me…

I stuck the debit card in my pocket and ran another 3 miles, with the ATM my end point. I got cash, crossed the road for an iced coffee and enjoyed a cool down walk home after hitting the post office.

Yeah, I go into public places looking like that!

Today I ran 1 mile after a quick change in the work bathroom and before picking up Brent at work. Once home, I did another quick mile, to and from the post office. Running home with a curled up magazine in hand, I imagined it as a relay baton and me dashing to hand it off to my team mate.

I’ve run through town clutching an envelope in my hand and deposited a sweaty city bill through the drop slot as the sun sets. I’ve stood in line at the bank drive-thru, waiting to deposit a check. I’ve been asked if I was running or simply having a major hot flash, as I paid for an iced coffee. I’ve been stared at and probably smelled too.

But its okay, I love getting quick, fast runs in. I love not driving to do errands. I love fitting running into my life, not trying to squeeze my life around running.


4 responses to “Running Errands

  1. lol! i can imagine the looks you must be getting. sounds like a fun way to get things done and keep your runs from getting stale at the same time 🙂

  2. Glad to hear that you’re still digging on running. Planning on running any races this fall?

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