I have more to post about, but thought I’d share about something I’m currently a smidge obsessed with: Extra Dessert Delights!

I go in phases with chewing gum and currently I’m hitting the gum chewing HARD as evidenced by the 4 open packs floating around my purse. I’ve tried each Dessert Delights flavor and have a hard time picking a favorite. Below are some of my “expert” tasting notes.
*Mint Chocolate Chip – Very good, but no surprise there, it is basically mint gum with some chocolate flavor

 Key Lime Pie – Very enjoyable, especially on a run. I like the lime flavor but it does seem to lack a “pie” flavor (no crust or whipped cream detected)

*Orange Cream Pop – Perhaps the most disappointing. It tastes fine, but is nothing special or creamy about it

Strawberry Shortcake – YUM! I do like this one a lot, but it is missing that short cake punch

 *Apple Pie – Probably my surprise favorite! It tastes like apple, cinnamon and had the hard to nail down crust flavor! Brent liked it so much, he accidentally swallowed the first piece within seconds, mistaking it for real food!

 I typically chew gum to curb a craving, especially after meals. This gum does the trick! A spicy meal leaves me craving something chocolaty, pop in Mint Chocolate Chip gum and I’d be good to go without dessert. I also ALWAYS chew gum while working out and these are fun flavors to chomp on when I’m drowning in my own sweat.
Plus, when I chew this gum (especially Apple Pie), I feel like I’m chewing one of Wonka’s experimental “meal gums”…I’m not turning into an apple am I???
*Flavor currently open, also working on a pack of Extra Fruit Sensations Sweet Tropical

Extra did not sponsor this post or compensate me for it, but I wish they had!


2 responses to “Extra!

  1. apple pie huh? now i’m hungry. 😛

  2. I’m a HUGE gum chewer and love these, too! Even the mint chocolate chip was amazing and I don’t even like that flavor- haha!

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