Bake it up!

I’m an infrequent poster. Sorry. I like blogging, but I really like snuggling, hanging out with friends and family, baking, running, going to the gym, playing with my cats and sleeping.

Lately I’ve been baking. A lot. For work, for friends, for birthdays and for parties. Check out some of the favorites:

Mocha Fudge Brownies based on Fully Loaded Brownies from Heather’s Dish

I stop the ingredients after espresso powder (I use instant coffee) and top with buttercream with instant coffee granules mixed in. These have been a hit at various work and family functions.

Breeseos from Heather’s Dish

I’ve made these twice and have used snickers, mini PB cups, full sized PB cups and peppermint patties. Brent and I liked them best with fulled sized PB cups and the peppermint patties. They were a hit at a costume party and I’m crossing my fingers they go over well for my sister’s birthday.

Compost/Snack Time Cookies

My most recent batch included sandwich cookies, PB cups, snickers, tortilla chips and butter crackers.

Sweet Potato Swirl Loaf


I just took this out of the oven, so I have no verdict. I sure hope it tastes great! I liked the twist on sweet potato, no cinnamon but cocoa instead.


Feel free to try one or all of these yummy reasons why reaching my goal weight isn’t in my near future!




One response to “Bake it up!

  1. i like eating too much to be skinny too 😛 those look yum!

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