A few weekends ago I was lounging with/on Brent and reading blogs, when he asked me “How is your blog doing?” I laughed and replied “Haha, how do you think? I don’t post anymore!” He asked me why I don’t post and encouraged me to get back at it.

I thought about it and have come up with some reasons I don’t post:

– My pictures aren’t awesome like some of my favorite bloggers

– I don’t get 50+ comments

– No $$ making for my lowly blog

– Time

– Trying to mimic other bloggers was exhausting

– I’m boring

– Jealousy over popular bloggers’ perks and blog generated swag. If I don’t have a blog I don’t feel bad about not getting the perks.

– WordPress confuses me

COMPARISON made me feel like CRAP

But his encouraging words and memories of my first blog (way back from 2004 – 2009, before blogs were even that common!) have pushed me to give it a go….again….

No promises or guarantees on frequency or that I’ll be funny or even mildly entertaining.

But you’ll be getting ME!





2 responses to “Hi!

  1. Look forward to reading your blogs. Don’t compare to anyone else just be yourself. Always fun to hear from you, see your pixs and share your adventures.

  2. *\o/* hurrah! missed reading about you!

    at the end of the day i may only have a comment or two – but i have a book of memories to look back on whenever i want to. can’t go wrong with that.

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