I’m Katie and my love for life comes from the joy that God has given to me, through His gift of salvation. I try hard to reflect His love in an imperfect world.

I met my husband online (yes, one of those couples) and we’ve been married since May 3, 2008. Brent shows up on the blog a lot, he is my best friend! We especially like to play board games, watch the Detroit Tigers and take walks to the ice cream shop.

We have 2 cats, Baby and Red. Both are Maine Coons, which means they are pretty dang big and like to play!

I work full time in the public behavioral health field. My job title is Administrative Assistant, but I do more than answer phones, run copies and take minutes (for 12 committees and counting…). My biggest tasks are coordinating Federal, State and Medicaid site reviews!

Cook: Cooking + Baking are relaxing to me, but doing the pile of dishes that I make as a result, annoys me. 

Laugh: I believe laughter is the sound of a joyful heart! I enjoy making other people laugh and often laugh when inappropriate.

Move: Every day I try to move for my health. Sometimes it is a run, workout DVD, class at the gym or walk with a friend. I enjoy running and have raced numerous 5 and 10ks, a half marathon and a 25k.


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