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Hair Cut!

Today I met my miracle worker (aka hair guru) for a little trim. But she had a better vision for my out of control hair and did me one better. A shorter, spunkier new hair cut!

Before (about a month ago):

Long haired Katie

After (on our way to a wedding. I also wore this dress on Brent’s and my first date, almost 5 years ago!):

I’m loving it so much! Just hope I can curl it like she did or straighten it or something!




I have to confess that I hate washing my hair. It is mid length, thick and dry, so the less I wash it, the happier I am.

Friday I washed, dried and straightened my hair. Saturday I ran 6.4 miles (best run I’ve had in a LONG time!!!) and didn’t want to wash my hair again. So I didn’t. I dried up some of the sweat with a quick blast of the blow dryer and was well on my way.

Sunday morning I yoga’d and weight lifted before church and got mildly sweaty. Again, I didn’t feel like washing my hair, so I didn’t. But by this time it was looking a little uhh….rough. Frizzy and with poofy “wings”, so I pulled it is a messy pony tail and worked the smokey eye.]

Brent commented that I looked good (maybe a snug sweater, dark jeans and heels helped), so I asked him if my eye make-up distracted people from my hair, he said it did! SCORE!!!

This morning I was left with no choice but to wash my hair, but that didn’t keep me from getting completely sweat soaked during a speed work session on the treadmill during my lunch break. I was sweaty all right, but it was nothing that the blow dryer and straightening iron couldn’t handle.

How often do you wash your hair?