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Yesterday was the day we got our taxes done. Last year we owed $700+, which was not pleasant! We took our tax preparer’s advice and Brent changed the with holding on his pay. Well, it changed but not enough! We owe again this year!!! Our friends with kids keep telling us that having a baby would be great for our taxes…umm…not right now! So that leaves us as DINKs: Double Income No Kids. I think instead of having a baby for tax sake, I should just become a stay-at-home wife, that would cure the Double Income problem….oh, wait, my employer supplies the good benefits we have, so that won’t work 😦


The good part of getting our taxes is done, is that our tax preparer lives in Fremont, my birth town. So we got to visit my Grandma and Papa and Aunt Linda and Uncle Doug! Grandma made us our favorite sloppy joes for dinner and apple cake. This apple cake is so amazing, probably due to the fact there are 2 sticks of butter in it 🙂 It should be no surprise that Grandma also loves Paula Deen!

I think the best part of the night was when Papa was flipping through the TV channels and something about Charlie Sheen was on. Grandma said “Oh! Stop here!!! I want to hear how Charlie is doing!” I loved that she just talked about him like he was her neighbor!

 Grandma and Papa are on the left!