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Here at our house we might be a tad competitive. Even something like¬†donating¬†blood becomes a competitive event. My sister has been faster than me twice in a row…not cool!

Last summer I beat Brent at every single game of ladderball we ever played, which is why he is on permanent litter box duty, it was what the loser had to do!

Most nights when we are home, a favorite activity is playing Jeopardy. Sitting side by side and speed reading the questions so that we can shout out the answer first is pretty intense. We yell the answers because obviously the loudest wins. Tuesday night Brent won and tonight I’m working hard to reclaim my title.

Okay, okay, Brent said he beat me in the last game of ladderball last summer, but I don’t remember. Like it matters, I’m the champ, so he can have that victory.

I gotta go, Double Jeopardy is starting!