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Friends = Fun!

admittedly I was a bit of a loaner in high school. It was mostly self-inflected since my boyfriend went to a different school and hated all my friends. I always chose him over friends. FAIL!

So sometimes I’m surprised at how much friends really are and that people do want to hang out with me (besides my husband).

Sunday we hung out with friends at  graduation open house party and then we moved across town to a bonfire. Want to have a ginormous fire? Burn kitchen cabinets! Our friends are getting their kitchen redone, so they burned all the old stuff.

Bye-bye cabinet!

Today friend fun continued with a sweaty 4 mile hike on the Cadillac Pathway and a fun dinner at Da Dawg House. I indulged in a kielbasa with sauerkraut and Brent and I split an apple dumpling for dessert. It was so good and a perfect finish to a great day!

Other weekend happenings included:

– Garage Sale shopping with my mom (I scored 2 tennis rackets for $1.25!!)

– Shopping with my sister Emily. At a craft sale I got 7 hair flowers, a Michigan Christmas ornament and kettle corn. At the Shoe Dept. I got a pair of heels and a pair of flats for Hannah’s wedding and Brent a pair of sneakers.

– Strive for Stride 5k, which was our season finale Girls on Track 5k! Full Girls on Track/Girls on the Run recap coming this week.

– Cleaning the house!

– HOT and HUMID weather…yay!


Out again!

Currently Brent is sleeping off a sugar coma, while we are on a mini-getaway to celebrate our THREE year wedding anniversary!

Here is last week’s highlights:

  • Driving in a different state (first time!)
  • Taking my parent’s out for my dad’s birthday
  • Ole! It was Dad's birthday on Monday! Emily + Me, Mom + Dad!

  • Eating frosting off 3 pieces of birthday cake
  • First outdoor run in 2011 wearing shorts/skirt and short sleeve shirt
  • Teaching my first Girls on Track lesson on popularity and cliques
  • Saying “No thanks” to office treats of oreos, strawberry cream bread, strawberry rhubarb pie, donuts from a good bakery and birthday cake.
  • Feeling so empowered when I say “no”, instead of feeling deprived.
  • Parents taking us out for fish for our anniversary
  • Getting up at 4:50 am to run (no really, a highlight because I’ve been very bad with the snooze button lately)
  • Watching a hot pink sunrise for a couple miles
  • Seeing Brent at mile 9 of my run! I went crazy waving!
  • Running 12.6 miles with a slow but strong pace, no pain, no mental battles, nothing bad!

That brings us to the getaway, which I’ll recap later! Also stay tuned for a wedding recap (picture heavy) and a honeymoon recap later this week!

Last one is a rotten egg!

Las tres amigas!

How many times did we hear those words growing up?

My sisters and I competed with each other for everything!

I remember frequently racing to the car to get the front seat and to the dinner table to get the seat by mom!

Obviously we picked up early that being first is best and last is worst. This was only reinforced as we got older and the results had emotional results. Getting picked last for a team at school didn’t just mean you didn’t get the benefits of being first, but it was a slam to the ego and made me feel like crap for a while.

Many times I doubt my abilities and worry that I’ll finish last when I enter a race. Sometimes it even keeps me from entering at all. But Tuesday during Girls on Track, I learned an important lesson from a girl.

We were walking our cool down laps and chatting. She told me that last year she ran a 5k and finished last. My mind raced as I thought of the appropriate way to console her without crushing her spirit. I said something along the lines of “At least you were out there running, a lot of people don’t even try!” She responded with “It was fun being last because everyone was cheering when I finished!!”

What?? Had I heard correctly? It was FUN being last? Did this girl have a fever? Was she sick? I didn’t get it!

After my first 10k (2009)! My chip time was 57:11!

But the more I think about it, the more it dawned on me: Being last isn’t something to fear! As the 5/3 Riverbank Run draws near and my training has been spotty at best, I begin to think about dropping out. Why? I know I can finish the 15.5 miles of the course, so that isn’t it. It is because I don’t want to be last. Or even close to last. My pride was going to keep me from giving my best! Even if my best is running a little and walking a lot, there is no shame in that!

And if I am last? Brent will be there to cheer me on. I  might be sweaty and tired, but I won’t be a rotten egg!