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Too Busy

Sorry I’ve been too busy to post.
I’ve been hanging with Hannah + Loren!

Being silly with Hannah

And I’ve been busy eating this:

Saluki Special - best pizza ever!

Plus we’ve ate an awesome breakfast (pancakes with almond-coconut-cocoa butter) and enjoyed German Chocolate cake with HOMEMADE pecan coconut frosting! Yum! 

Now we’re off to go shopping and get fitted for my bridesmaids dress. Hannah is the best/worst shopping partner! She gets to me to try on things I normally wouldn’t and gives honest feedback. She even convinced me I don’t look disgusting in a 2 piece and I bought one last night (after eating pizza, bread sticks and salad, I’ll look even better when not stuffed!). Plus gets shirts stuck on her head, just to make me laugh.

Goodwill is calling our names! Later

Do you like going shopping with someone or would you prefer to go alone?


Vitals – part I

Before we go too far I think there are a few things you should know about me. This is sort of like those email surveys I used to get when I was in middle school, when Hotmail and MSN Messenger ruled and my friend’s parents drove us to the mall on weekends. Cuz we were cool and got to the go the big city (Traverse City) on Saturdays.

About Me Survey (revised some)

My Name:   Katie Mae (Mae is also my grandma’s middle name)

My Age:   25

My Birthday: February 27, 1985   

Siblings: 2 Sisters – Emily and Hannah

Emily and I

Hannah and I

My Hair Color:  Light Brown – Dark Brown with or without highlights, red or other color

My Eye Color: Brown   

My Job:   Community Mental Health Affiliation Administrative Assistant

The School I Go To:   Graduated from Northern Michigan Christian High School and Ferris State University (Go Bulldogs!)

My Favorite Color:   Pink

My Favorite Food:   Oatmeal

Any Pets?:   2 cats, Baby and Red

Coke or Pepsi?:   Coke

McDonalds, Burger King or Wendy’s?:   McDonalds – they have oatmeal!

Day or Night?:   Morning

Kisses or Hugs?:   Both

Your Best Friend: Brent (my husband)

Where did you meet?:   on the internet, first date was at a wedding, second date was at a wedding


Stay tuned for more!