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Snotty, sweaty, happy mess

After the worst doctor’s appointment I’ve had, I took a week off from running and fell in love with ExerciseTV.

Sunday I did an easy walk/run of 2 miles with no shin pain. Monday I amped it up to an easy 3 mile run with no pain. And today I pulled out the big guns. I figured if I have a follow-up appointment on Monday, I might as well give the shin a big ole test so I can give the best report to Dr. Rudeness as possible.

This morning I didn’t want to run but with the loving encouragement of Brent and the thought of cheddar bay biscuits for dinner, I got dressed and headed out. I had 1 goal, to move forward for 2 hours. I was hoping to get in 12ish miles if all went well, but either way, I wanted to see what I had for 2 hours of movement.

A HUGE plus was the weather, 32 degrees, light clouds, no wind. PERFECT!!!!! My favorite running outfit is my Nike Tights and New Balance pullover, so I was pumped.

I ran slow but strong, taking my first walk break and 1/2 a vanilla GU at 47 mins and the second at 1 hr 18 mins. (side note: vanilla GU is AWESOME tasting!) I stopped to stretch just twice and made it home in 1:58:40. I eagerly went to mapmyrun.com to check  my distance and was BUMMED to see I ran 11.6 miles, not the 12 I was hoping for. So I sat for a second and then headed out the door for a quick couple blocks to bring my total distance up to 12.36 miles in 2:05:25!!!

No shin pain! No bloody nose (just a lot of snot rockets)! Sure my feet are tired and my calves were on the verge of cramping for the last couple miles, but I did it. I ran 12.36 (pain free) miles!

And now I’m getting ready to stretch + shower + ice and am enjoying a delicious smoothie made with skim milk + vanilla carnation instant breakfast + instant coffee + 1 banana + 1 huge handful of spinach + sprinkle of ground flax + 1/4 cup instant oatmeal! YUM!


Shin Choices

Today I saw an orthopeadic doctor for my persistant shin pain. Diagnosis was shin splints with possible stress fracture. I don’t think it is shin splints for   of reasons: 1- the pain is not in the sides of my shin, but up and down, in the middle, 2 – it hurts with pressure 3 – feels like it won’t support me and 4 – stress fractures usually don’t show on an x-ray.

Treatment? Not running if it hurts. So it hurts ALL THE TIME. I asked if I could run the Riverbank Run 25k and he replied “Its not like you were gonna win it, were you? So yeah, its possible to do.” I go back in 2 weeks for a follow-up and in the mean time have a lab order for blood work to check my calcium and vitamin D levels.

So now  I have to decide: do I run the race or not?


  •  I have a free entry
  • My first big race without Hannah
  • The race hotel is the J.W. Marriot 
  • 7 weeks to get some good runs in


  • Still have to pay for hotel, gas and food
  • Feel under trained, missed/cut short a lot of runs
  • Why run it, if I can’t run it well?
  • Won’t be a race to run for fun without any friends/Hannah to run it with
  • Only supposed to run to the point of pain, yesterday it was only 3 miles before the dull ache turned into stabbing/pulsating knives

What advice do you have regarding if I should run it or not?

10 and done!

After Saturday’s bummer post, I spent the rest of the day moping. I
didn’t change out of my running gear, which stunk since I haven’t
washed them since my last outdoor run (don’t judge, I have 1 pair of
tights and 1 pullover, they would have been wet still!). I didn’t do
anything to my hair, except replace my ear band with a bondiband. And I
only took my watch off to wash dishes. I read running blogs, I read
Runner’s World and I took a nap. All the while, Brent sought refuge from
his overly emotional wife by playing video games. I wept with every text
and comment leaving me encouragement. I chatted with Hannah and we both
acknowledge battling our attitudes this running season. Every time Brent
tried to ask what was wrong or if I wanted to do something I’d get
choked up, cry and sniffle out some answer about wanting to run or
wishing I’d never run again. When I saw someone run past the house, on
the wet (not icy) roads, I again broke down in tears. That dude made
running look easy, why couldn’t I?

 Finally by 4 pm (yes, 7 hours of weeping and blues had ensued), I made up my mind. I’d take a quick shower and put on my pjs and just spend the day on the couch. Then I realized something, that Sunday morning the roads would again have that morning ice on them. I’d again not be able to run and would have no time later in the day due to family gatherings. SO then I let myself wallow
in the fact that I’d totally blown my opportunity for a 10 miler. And then starting beating myself up for not getting out once the roads were melted and running. What a loser!

Brent made plans with a buddy to escape the depressing atmosphere I
brought to our house by playing a round of golf (on a simulator) at 7:30
pm.  And then it hit me! I could get some outdoor miles in at that very moment and then finish at the gym, while he golfed! Thankful that I was ultra lazy
and could just put my shoes on, I headed out the door. I finish 5.62
miles in 54:25 (pretty dang good for my current condition) despite some
snowy patches. Then I dropped Brent off in town and completed 4.5 miles at
a snails pace (I lost track of my time, since I stopped to stretch a few
times). Those 4.5 miles were GRUELING! My legs were complaining that I
had already ran that day and I was under fueled. I didn’t eat much all
day and then wasn’t sure how to fuel for a 10 miler split into 2 parts
with about 45 minutes between the parts (I ate 1/2 a banana and a small glass of milk before leaving for the gym). I was also dehydrated and
sucked down 40 ozs of water on those 4.5 miles. I walked a bunch
(started with 9:1 running to walking ratio and kept dropping until I got
to 3:1). But I got those miles done! I did it! I ran 10.12 miles!!!!!

I felt pretty good yesterday, except that my nagging left shin pain has
returned. Not sure if it is a shin splint or what, but it hurts to walk
and is EXTREMELY sensitive to the touch.

So check that off my training plan! I’m making a comeback!

Off on the wrong foot

Today was the last day to register for the 5/3 Riverbank Run 25k for $35! So I eagerly filled out my entry and stuck in the mail this morning.

My entry, ready for the post office!

I used the excitement of registering to pump me up for my lunch hour speedwork session. My enthusiasm didn’t last long. My left shin was hurting from the get go, but I stuck it out for 5×400 around 2:06 (supposed to run 12×400 at 2:06) before climbing off the treadmill and calling it quits. Not looking forward to what the rest of the training will look like 😦  It is too early to run through any pain, hopefully stretching, ice, using my stick and a new pair of shoes (I have one waiting patiently under my bed) will cure this pain!