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Worst Valentine’s Day EVER!

This tale was once told on my first blog, but it is so good (and timely) that I had to post it again! Enjoy!!

Flashback Valentine’s Day 1994

 I was really excited, this year was the year that I had started noticing boys and hoping they noticed me.  My mom and sister had the flu and I remember mom kept asking me “Are you sure you feel alright for school? I’m too sick to come pick you up, so stay home if you aren’t feeling well!” But the twinge in my tummy was not about to stop me from experiencing Valentine’s Day 4th Grade style! I had all my Valentine’s cards to handout secured in paper bag that I had stamped hearts on.  I even decorated the envelopes, I went all out!

 I boarded the school bus and headed for school. The bus was crowded and I was squashed in the middle of the seat with an older boy on either side. I was excited and nervous about this big day, I had done my hair (probably some sort of garish bang curling occurred) and wore something cute just for it (probably something sparkly with black leggings or my jeans that had zippers at the ankles…HOT). As the miles past, I began to feel sick and before I could stop, I threw-up on the bus. All over my back-pack and coat. All over the pants and shoes of the boys sitting on either side of me. All over the Valentine’s cards I had labored over.

Valentine’s Day was ruined. I was so ashamed and embarrassed to have thrown up on the bus and on the most “romantic” day of the year. Soon I started crying, so I was a puke covered, teary, snotty mess. No wonder no boys liked me! My crush rode my bus and he dutifully helped me into school and carried (at arm’s length) my puke covered back-pack for me. He hunted down our teacher to report that “Katie threw up all over on the bus” before racing out to the playground, no doubt glad that his 4th grade civic duty was complete! 

I remember sitting in the school office, just heart-broken. Then dad came to get me and had a big green bowl in the truck, in case I threw up again (I’m sure I did). When I returned to school a few days later, a stack of cards was waiting in my cubby hole for me, but they were all generic. No great declarations of love for me that year. But after the puking incident, it was no surprise. 

Even though my crush helped me so kindly that day, he never turned out to be anything more.

What was your most embarrassing Valentine’s Day?