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Top 3 Past & Future

Let me be honest. I SUCK AT BLOGGING! I have at least one blog post in my brain each day and I just don’t prioritize blogging. I also don’t prioritize putting away clean laundry.

I did 3 things I never thought I’d do in 2011 and barely touched on them on the blog. Maybe a recap of each will be in my future. But don’t hold your breath. In chronological order:

– Ran across the Mackinaw Bridge! My fear of heights was kicked to the curb to accomplish this feat and it was awesome! Even more spectacular was the rainbow we saw.

– Went to watch the Detroit Tiger’s play the Texas Rangers in the American League Championship Series! The Tiger’s won the game we attended but lost the series 😦


– Went on a 5 day Western Caribbean cruise! It was an awesome vacation!!

In 2012 there are a few things I hope to accomplish, but I’m not really ready to go public with 2 of them (and no, babies are not on the list!).

#1 is related to my professional (haha)/career

#2 is related to my relationship with Brent

and the third I am making public in hopes that I’ll stick with it…

#3 Run a 2 hour (or less!) half-marathon!!!!! This seems crazy far-fetched right now and I’ll have to shave about 12 minutes off my time. I’ll need to actually complete speed work  (gag!) and push myself to keep my pace up. But I’m looking forward to completing a half-marathon with a goal beyond simply finishing.


No Means No!

Lately, as I’ve cut dramatically back on my sweets intake, the acceptance (or lack there of) of it has been surprising.  At work yesterday there were donuts and cake. It was also our Annual Meeting and catered dinner. I did the menu planning and knew the dessert was a favorite, so when first asked if I’d like a donut, I said “no” (Person #1), but they asked again a few minutes later, “just to be sure”. Third and fourth times were by a Person #2 and still “no”. When asked by Person #2 if I’d eat some bread they might bring in I said “no” and then was told I was hurting her feelings. I apologized and said “Sorry about that, but nobody else is looking out for my health but me.”

At noon, Person #1 asks me if I’m having cake. Again, I reply “no”, but this time there is an edge to my voice. Again, they ask if I’m sure that I don’t want cake. I sigh as I explain that I do want the cake, but I’d rather have dessert at the dinner.

I think people all agree that “No means no!” is widely accepted when it comes to sex or drugs. But what about food? Why don’t people take my no seriously? Is it because they’ll feel better about their multiple sweets if I eat some too? Are they jealous of my slowly strengthening willpower?

I don’t get it, but in a twisted way am thankful. The more they persist, the less likely I am to indulge and give them the satisfaction of shaking my resolve!

Vitals II

The staff at Fellowship of the Sword have this bio survey posted on the website and I liked enough to copy it here. 

Book: The Message Bible, it is bold and easy to understand

Food: Oatmeal, I ate a bowl for breakfast and dinner tonight

Snack Food: Popcorn or ice cream

Movies: The Wedding Singer, Life of David Gale and most recently The Other Guys

TV Show: Amazing Race, Jeopardy

Musical Artists: Skillet, Toby Mac, Superchic[k], Barlow Girl, Thousand Foot Krutch, KJ-52

Actor: Denzel Washington

Actress: Tina Fey

Time of Day: Early morning, when the sun is just rising

Season: Fall

Place in the World: In bed snuggled with my husband

Place to Pray: In the car


Christmas Treats



Recreational Activities/Hobbies:  Running, reading, baking, canning, avoiding house work by exercising or taking naps

Scripture: Ezekial 36:26 ~ I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.

Sports Team: Detroit Tigers!!

Viva Los Tigres!

Sport: Baseball/Softball

Least Favorite Food: Vienna Sausage, most sausage

Least Favorite Snack Food: Corn Nuts

Least Favorite Time of Day: 2 – 4 pm, after lunch and still too much time left at work

Least Favorite Season: Late Winter/Early Spring when everything is wet and muddy and melty and icy

Best Thing Someone Said to You: “I ran for the first time in 25 years today and thought of you! I want to be a runner too!”

Life Motto: I can do all things through Him that strengthens me!

Three People I’d Like to Meet: Ryan Hall, Betty Crocker and Martha Stewart

Vitals – part I

Before we go too far I think there are a few things you should know about me. This is sort of like those email surveys I used to get when I was in middle school, when Hotmail and MSN Messenger ruled and my friend’s parents drove us to the mall on weekends. Cuz we were cool and got to the go the big city (Traverse City) on Saturdays.

About Me Survey (revised some)

My Name:   Katie Mae (Mae is also my grandma’s middle name)

My Age:   25

My Birthday: February 27, 1985   

Siblings: 2 Sisters – Emily and Hannah

Emily and I

Hannah and I

My Hair Color:  Light Brown – Dark Brown with or without highlights, red or other color

My Eye Color: Brown   

My Job:   Community Mental Health Affiliation Administrative Assistant

The School I Go To:   Graduated from Northern Michigan Christian High School and Ferris State University (Go Bulldogs!)

My Favorite Color:   Pink

My Favorite Food:   Oatmeal

Any Pets?:   2 cats, Baby and Red

Coke or Pepsi?:   Coke

McDonalds, Burger King or Wendy’s?:   McDonalds – they have oatmeal!

Day or Night?:   Morning

Kisses or Hugs?:   Both

Your Best Friend: Brent (my husband)

Where did you meet?:   on the internet, first date was at a wedding, second date was at a wedding


Stay tuned for more!

Hello, my name is…


I used to blog over on Xanga (as firewillconsume), but dropped that a few years ago. I miss sharing my adventures with friends, so I’ve decided to blog once more.

Stay tuned for tales of cooking, laughing and moving from a married 20-something living in Northern Michigan!