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Friends = Fun!

admittedly I was a bit of a loaner in high school. It was mostly self-inflected since my boyfriend went to a different school and hated all my friends. I always chose him over friends. FAIL!

So sometimes I’m surprised at how much friends really are and that people do want to hang out with me (besides my husband).

Sunday we hung out with friends at  graduation open house party and then we moved across town to a bonfire. Want to have a ginormous fire? Burn kitchen cabinets! Our friends are getting their kitchen redone, so they burned all the old stuff.

Bye-bye cabinet!

Today friend fun continued with a sweaty 4 mile hike on the Cadillac Pathway and a fun dinner at Da Dawg House. I indulged in a kielbasa with sauerkraut and Brent and I split an apple dumpling for dessert. It was so good and a perfect finish to a great day!

Other weekend happenings included:

– Garage Sale shopping with my mom (I scored 2 tennis rackets for $1.25!!)

– Shopping with my sister Emily. At a craft sale I got 7 hair flowers, a Michigan Christmas ornament and kettle corn. At the Shoe Dept. I got a pair of heels and a pair of flats for Hannah’s wedding and Brent a pair of sneakers.

– Strive for Stride 5k, which was our season finale Girls on Track 5k! Full Girls on Track/Girls on the Run recap coming this week.

– Cleaning the house!

– HOT and HUMID weather…yay!


Too Busy

Sorry I’ve been too busy to post.
I’ve been hanging with Hannah + Loren!

Being silly with Hannah

And I’ve been busy eating this:

Saluki Special - best pizza ever!

Plus we’ve ate an awesome breakfast (pancakes with almond-coconut-cocoa butter) and enjoyed German Chocolate cake with HOMEMADE pecan coconut frosting! Yum! 

Now we’re off to go shopping and get fitted for my bridesmaids dress. Hannah is the best/worst shopping partner! She gets to me to try on things I normally wouldn’t and gives honest feedback. She even convinced me I don’t look disgusting in a 2 piece and I bought one last night (after eating pizza, bread sticks and salad, I’ll look even better when not stuffed!). Plus gets shirts stuck on her head, just to make me laugh.

Goodwill is calling our names! Later

Do you like going shopping with someone or would you prefer to go alone?