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Sick Day

Yesterday I was busy! The turkey turned out good and we have lots left for leftovers. After settling on the couch for the night, my throat began to ache and my head got heavy. I took some medicine and made my way to bed before 9 pm, with hopes of feeling well enough for a 6 am TRX class!

I woke up around 2 am with chills and a horrendous sinus headache. My throat, ears, eyes, face and nose throbbed. I hobbled downstairs (my legs were sore too), got a huge drink of water, some more medicine and went to bed still hoping for my TRX class (it has been over a week!). As the minutes ticked past, without any relief and no more sleep, I scrapped TRX and began to list why I had to go to work. Tomorrow I’m in TC and I don’t have the meeting materials ready, I don’t have our audit materials ready (also due tomorrow), the MHP agreements need sent out in February and I’ve barely started, I probably have a full inbox…. About 2 minutes of this and I realized that if I had to talk myself into going to work, I probably shouldn’t be going. Thoughts of H1N1 last fall danced through my head and I decided to nip this in the bud and stay home.

So Brent made me a sick bed on the couch, complete with laptop, cell phone and remote all within easy reached. Gave me his beloved Pillow Pet to snuggle and covered me with a Detroit Tigers blanket. I’ve stayed on the couch most of the day, thanks to zero energy, an aching head and an America’s Next Top Model marathon.

Soon, I’m going to venture to the shower and then make turkey noodle soup for dinner. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be feeling up to par!