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To-do List

I have today off thanks to President’s Day! My original plans were to hop a train bound for Carbondale, IL and visit my sissy, but due to her work schedule, it didn’t pan out.

So I’m home and working on a rather long to-do list I’ve created for myself. Somethings are fun (denoted by the “!”) and others are chores I’ve been avoiding for too long. Here is my list, I’ll update it throughout the day, so stay tuned! Last updated at 7:45 pm

  • Make peanut butter! CHECK
  • Make honey roasted peanut butter! CHECK
  • Make granola bars! CHECK
  • Snack of pretzels and M&Ms used in granola bars! CHECK
  • Vacuum up 34lbs of cat hair, use attachment to do the furniture and along the walls CHECK (sort of)
  • Sweep kitchen floor CHECK
  • Sweep bathroom floor CHECK
  • Mop kitchen floor CHECK
  • Mop bathroom floor CHECK
  • Wash load of pinks/oranges/reds CHECK
  • Hang load of pinks/oranges/reds to dry CHECK
  • Wash bras CHECK
  • Consult Butterball website for turkey tips CHECK
  • Clean giblets out of turkey CHECK
  • Roast turkey CHECK
  • Fold laundry CHECK
  • Put away laundry
  • Clean bathroom well (not the quick wipe down) CHECK
  • Clean kitchen sink and counters well (again, not the quick wipe down) CHECK
  • Consolidate bottles/packages in cupboards to create more space CHECK
  • Clean out fridge (did this last night) CHECK
  • Do a face mask!
  • Run 5 – 6 miles! CHECK (5.23 miles in 52:20)
  • Make dinner (turkey, potatoes, rolls, veggie) CHECK