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Summer Lovin’

I try sooo hard not to complain about winter, but after another day of below zero windchills and another crappy treadmill run, I’m allowing myself to look back on some of my favorite summer moments and thought I’d take you on the journey.

Brent + I with my sister Hannah and her fiance, Loren, after we helped move her to his house in Southern Illinios.

Nothing like spendng Sunday afternoon at the beach with dear friends. I love living in the Great Lakes State!

All the girls (mom and sisters) on our annual Girl's Trip! We went to the beautiful Meijer Gardens.

About to run a very tough 5k. This shirt got a hole in it today. RIP...literally!

Feeding a baby moose during our UP vacation.

Someday it will be warm again. But until that day, I’ll be thankful for fleece sheets, slippers and a husband that doubles as a heater and lets me steal his warmth 🙂

What was your favorite memory of Summer 2010?