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Great Lesson

Tuesday was Brent’s and my THREE year anniversary! Those years have flown by and are just a short snippet of the lifetime we plan to share together.
I’ve learned a lot during my marriage.

#1 – Ice cream for dinner is acceptable

#2- Snuggling right before the alarm clock goes off, is an effective way to skip the gym in the morning.

 The biggest thing I’ve learned and have struggled with time and again is the freedom in submission. Sounds like an oxymoron, right? But no, God’s plan for submission to Him and my Husband is all about giving me freedom.

Prior to October 2009, I’d read time and time again “Wives submit to your husbands” and brushed it off as the custom of the time. Certainly nothing that a modern, efficient woman like myself needed to do. But God started working on my heart and slowly revealed to me the freedom, not restriction or oppression that Godly submission brings.

As I submitted increasingly more to God and Brent, I found myself full of energy. Energy that was often spent trying to prove my point and argue why I was right. I found that my opinions and thoughts were more important to Brent, as I was able to discuss things in a non-combative tone and manner. I found that I was free to pursue the things that I was called (and wanted) to do, as my time wasn’t spent plotting ways to win arguments and second guessing decisions. I found greater peace, joy and comfort in my marriage. I found that submission isn’t an old fashion relic of days gone by, but God’s right plan for martial success!