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Stomach vs Soul

Through my office there is another office, where my office mate resides. My office is pretty spacious and contains a conference table for co-workers from other offices to work at when down here.

A TC co-worker and I were chatting when my office mate walked through, muffin in hand and announced there were treats from Blue Heron up front. My mind quickly shifted gears and began mulling “How can I cut off my TC co-worker and get up front for a treat before all the good stuff is gone?!??!” Then TC co-worker asked me about a family situation that has been plaguing me for months. My thoughts were quickly occupied retelling the tale, assessing the situation, devising a plan of action, etc. TC co-worker gave me a listening ear and much needed outside perspective (she is a wonderful therapist!) on the situation and my thoughts of Blue Heron treats dissolved. After our conversation wrapped up, my mind again drifted to the treats but after some thought I realized, I no longer craved a treat. My soul had been satisfied in a way that feeding my stomach couldn’t match.

Plus, it was an excellent effort at exercising my (weak) willpower and feeling pride in not eating a treat just because it is available!


Speaking of stomach, I was almost sick to my stomach this morning! Our cat, Red, has had some *ahem* digestive issues.

Sunday we got home from a night away to find our carpet streaked with cat poop and by the chunk hanging from Red’s butt, it was pretty obvious who was the culprit. After cleaning (and cussing) Sunday night, we were pleased to find no streaks after work yesterday. But this morning our carpet was trashed. Red was obviously not feeling well in the night as evidenced by streaks and poop throughout the house. Brent volunteered to stay home and be on clean up duty and let me to go the gym for TRX. He also took Red to the vet today and she was diagnosed with possible colitis and had a “trap door” of poop and fur covering her butt, which¬† she was trying to remove it by scooting across the floor.