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I hate to pack, but today I tackled the chore. Where am I going? SpringHill (large Christian youth camp) as a chaperone for a teen winter retreat!

Brent is a youth leader at our church and when they needed another female chaperone, I was called to duty. This is TOTALLY outside of my comfort zone and I was mildly freaking out as I packed. Would I look “cool”? Would the teens accept me? Mock me behind my back (or to my face)? Worry that one day they’d grow up and look like me?

Brent told me to chill out! That my job wasn’t to fit in, but to be someone who kept an eye on things, listened to the girls and  made sure that nobody was left out. After the pep talk, I realized he was right. How I treat the girls is far more important than what I wear.

But it still feels like high school all over again 😦

I’ll be gone until Sunday afternoon and once home I have a 7 mile run and a potluck dish to make, so I’ll be busy!! Have a great weekend! I’ll be tubing, playing broomball, hitting up the cafe and craft area, listening to speakers and worshipping an Amzing God!