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A spoonful of sugar

I’ve written about my sugar habits in the past and how I was working on conquering them. I was doing great until last weekend.

Friday = ice cream with friends (Brent and I split a Take 5 sundae)

Saturday = cookies (why did I even bake??) and 2 small corners (extra frosting!!!) and ice cream to celebrate a birthday

Sunday = small Cinnamon Bun ice cream cone for Father’s Day

Monday = Little Debbie Treat for no reason except that I re-activated my sweet teeth over the weekend

Tuesday = 1 dark chocolate square cuz I still “needed” something sweet at 10 pm since I hadn’t had anything all day.

BUT I’m proud to report that Wednesday and Thursday have been sweets free! Yay!!!

And I lost 3lbs over the past 2 weeks – good motivation to stay on track with cutting out sweets.

Some people can handle a sweet per day, but I can’t. I eat one and its all downhill. It is literally all I can think of and I can almost taste and feel sweets in my mouth.

I’m not so upset about Saturday and Sunday’s sweets, as I still fully expect to enjoy life and celebrations but Monday and Tuesday’s were out of craving sugar instead of celebration. 😦


No Means No!

Lately, as I’ve cut dramatically back on my sweets intake, the acceptance (or lack there of) of it has been surprising.  At work yesterday there were donuts and cake. It was also our Annual Meeting and catered dinner. I did the menu planning and knew the dessert was a favorite, so when first asked if I’d like a donut, I said “no” (Person #1), but they asked again a few minutes later, “just to be sure”. Third and fourth times were by a Person #2 and still “no”. When asked by Person #2 if I’d eat some bread they might bring in I said “no” and then was told I was hurting her feelings. I apologized and said “Sorry about that, but nobody else is looking out for my health but me.”

At noon, Person #1 asks me if I’m having cake. Again, I reply “no”, but this time there is an edge to my voice. Again, they ask if I’m sure that I don’t want cake. I sigh as I explain that I do want the cake, but I’d rather have dessert at the dinner.

I think people all agree that “No means no!” is widely accepted when it comes to sex or drugs. But what about food? Why don’t people take my no seriously? Is it because they’ll feel better about their multiple sweets if I eat some too? Are they jealous of my slowly strengthening willpower?

I don’t get it, but in a twisted way am thankful. The more they persist, the less likely I am to indulge and give them the satisfaction of shaking my resolve!

Too Busy

Sorry I’ve been too busy to post.
I’ve been hanging with Hannah + Loren!

Being silly with Hannah

And I’ve been busy eating this:

Saluki Special - best pizza ever!

Plus we’ve ate an awesome breakfast (pancakes with almond-coconut-cocoa butter) and enjoyed German Chocolate cake with HOMEMADE pecan coconut frosting! Yum! 

Now we’re off to go shopping and get fitted for my bridesmaids dress. Hannah is the best/worst shopping partner! She gets to me to try on things I normally wouldn’t and gives honest feedback. She even convinced me I don’t look disgusting in a 2 piece and I bought one last night (after eating pizza, bread sticks and salad, I’ll look even better when not stuffed!). Plus gets shirts stuck on her head, just to make me laugh.

Goodwill is calling our names! Later

Do you like going shopping with someone or would you prefer to go alone?


Yesterday was the day we got our taxes done. Last year we owed $700+, which was not pleasant! We took our tax preparer’s advice and Brent changed the with holding on his pay. Well, it changed but not enough! We owe again this year!!! Our friends with kids keep telling us that having a baby would be great for our taxes…umm…not right now! So that leaves us as DINKs: Double Income No Kids. I think instead of having a baby for tax sake, I should just become a stay-at-home wife, that would cure the Double Income problem….oh, wait, my employer supplies the good benefits we have, so that won’t work 😦


The good part of getting our taxes is done, is that our tax preparer lives in Fremont, my birth town. So we got to visit my Grandma and Papa and Aunt Linda and Uncle Doug! Grandma made us our favorite sloppy joes for dinner and apple cake. This apple cake is so amazing, probably due to the fact there are 2 sticks of butter in it 🙂 It should be no surprise that Grandma also loves Paula Deen!

I think the best part of the night was when Papa was flipping through the TV channels and something about Charlie Sheen was on. Grandma said “Oh! Stop here!!! I want to hear how Charlie is doing!” I loved that she just talked about him like he was her neighbor!

 Grandma and Papa are on the left!

Greetings Galore!

My birthday celebrations were amazing! Gifts is one of my lowest Love Languages, but the ones I got this year were fantastic! Here is a run down of my birthday celebrations!

Saturday night my in-laws (Mom, Dad and Bro-in-law) took me out for Chinese! In case anyone thought I was getting old, I proved them wrong by competing with Brent in a spoon on your nose contest. He won 😦

We were going to go to a movie as well, but we were too tired. Instead we rented “The Other Guys” and all fell asleep! I also opened my gifts! I got some new fine mesh strainers, baking sheets, Anchorman DVD and cash. Woo Hoo!! And my Dad-in-law made me a funfetti cake…YUM!!! Yes, I can’t wear real clothes for more than like 3 hours at a time! And my hair…was it even windy? I hope so…

Sunday Brent spoiled me by taking me to Boone’s for steak! I love steak! We also did some shopping and I used that birthday money for new running shorts, running skirt, tank and capris from Target. I love their workout stuff, cheap, cute and functional. Brent picked up my gifts while in TC too. I got a new bowl and beater for my Kitchen Aid and the cats got me slippers. Thanks girls! Instead of more cake, we stopped at Tasty Treat and I got a Jersey Mudslide, a hot fudge, marshmallow, malt powder sundae. Later our friends came over for Amazing Race viewing and Settlers of Catan playing.

I was greeted at work Monday with a blueberry peach pie, card and book on decorating from thrift stores. Monday night was family birthday dinner! I requested tacos and mom did an awesome job making them. But the best part was the homemade cream puffs she made. Just look at my face, I obviously was not excited at all! My parents got me money and my sister, Emily, got me a beautiful necklace. Sadly, the pictures of me doing my best America’s Next Top Model moves with it are on her camera 😦

The gifts were great, but I really LOVED all the greetings and cards I got! Even a “Happy Birthday” left on my facebook wall brought a smile to my face! Look at all these cards, all with a hand written note in them. They touched my heart and will be kept so I can reread them when I need a lift. Note all the pink, 2 with cats and 2 with crowns…I am a Princess!

Happy 4th Birthday!!

Look at me when I turned 4! All dressed up in a denim skirt and pink button down with the sleeves cuffed. My blond hair was getting darker, I was definately growing up!

Look how intent I was at blowing how the candles on my girly pink and white cake! See that lid the cake is on? It always brought excitement when Mom pulled the cake container out of the cupboard, it meant a double layer cake!! We still lived at the log house when this picture was taken, I was in front of the fireplace my parents built.

Isn’t if funny what memories a single picture holds?

Happy 3rd Birthday!!

My birthday is on SUNDAY!!! Since some people think of Sunday as the end of the week and some as the first day of the week, it is like I get 2 full birthday weeks! Woo-Hoo!!

Wednesday, I was glad I dragged myself to TC for a meeting and celebration of February birthdays! There was red velvet cake and fruit, YUM!!

I thought it would be fun to see some pictures from past! Here are a couple from my 3rd birthday.

A sweet scooter and Bert and Ernie toys??? YES!!!!

Clapping for Cake! Yay Birthday Treats!
I played with that scooter for years and I think both my sisters also played with it. It was a fantastic toy! Not sure if was the same birthday, same day or what, but I do remember wear that lamb shirt (my favorite!) to Bill Knapps and getting an awesome fudgy cake there for my birthday.  
Stay tuned for more fun Birthday flashbacks!!